Email: azerner3 at gmail dot com

I find that people are hesitant to reach out to a stranger. I suppose that's natural. However, it's also unfortunate. I figure that by explicitly stating the good reasons to reach out to me, people will be less hesitant.

Good reasons to contact me:

  1. If you're looking for a freelance web developer.
  2. Advice regarding learning to code, or coding bootcamps - I've actually talked to about 50 or so people who've reached out to me about this. It was enough that I ended up writing an article outlining everything I have to say. I've learned to code via a mix of self-study, a coding bootcamp (Fullstack Academy), a few college classes, and on-the-job experience. I know a bunch of people who've gone through coding bootcamps.
  3. Critique of any of my writing - I very much value this. Eg. for the longer educational articles, I always have my friends read them and then I fix the parts that they find confusing. I think this iterative process of improvement is very effective.
  4. To talk about startup ideas - I love talking about startups.
  5. To learn about my experience failing at a startup.
  6. To learn about my experience quitting my job and self-studying full time.
  7. To talk about living frugally and minimalistically - I currently live in a 200 square foot apartment and spend about $1000/month. And I'm very happy doing so.
  8. For Medium Talk.