Email: azerner3 at gmail dot com

I find that people are hesitant to reach out to a stranger. I suppose that's natural. However, it's also unfortunate. I figure that by explicitly stating the good reasons to reach out to me, people will be less hesitant.

GOOD reasons to contact me:
  1. Advice regarding learning to code, or coding bootcamps - I've actually talked to about 50 or so people who reached out to me about this. It was enough that I ended up writing an article outlining everything I have to say. I learned to code via a mix of self-study, a coding bootcamp (Fullstack Academy), a few college classes, and on-the-job experience. I know a bunch of people who've gone through coding bootcamps.
  2. Critique of any of my writing - I very much value this. Eg. for the longer educational articles, I always have my friends read them and then I fix the parts that they find confusing. I think this iterative process of improvement is very effective. But I'm interested in any critique, not just of the longer educational ones.
  3. To talk about startup ideas - I love talking about startups.
  4. To learn about my experience failing at a startup.
  5. To learn about my experience quitting my job and self-studying full time.
  6. To talk about living frugally and minimalistically - I currently live in a 200 square foot apartment and spend about $1000/month. And I'm very happy doing so.
  7. For Medium Talk.
BAD reasons to contact me:
  1. Jobs - I'm not looking for a full-time job now. My goals are to learn, make money via startups, and make the world a better place. I have enough money to last until about 2022. I prefer freelancing to full-time work because a) flexibility, b) it tends to pay better. Is it possible for a full-time job to best align with my goals sometime in the future? Yes, but I think it's pretty unlikely.
  2. Freelancing - I expect to be interested in freelancing in early 2018, a) to sharpen my web development skills, and b) to accumulate money. In 2017, my focus is on education.
  3. Asking me to be a cofounder - Trust me, I'm antsy to start a startup. But now is not the right time - I need to develop my skill set more before I dive into it.